Save Windows-XP

You may have NOTICED the banner at the top of the Home page asking you to help Save Windows-Xp. Why Save Windows-XP, you might be asking yourself. Because there are some of us out here that still use it, and will continue too use it. But Why you ask, Don't you want VISTA? Well sure some of us want Vista. We just can't afford it.

I have 3 boxes running Xp-pro and it would cost me a pretty penny to replace them with ones that could run Vista.

They say you would be able to buy a NEW Computer with XP installed for awhile, you just wont be able to go and buy the OS as a stand alone. I have gone to ALL of the stores in my area and it is NO where to be found.I have ask the sales people at these stores if they could Order me a copy and the Answer was NO.

My other reason besides the one above is- 'If it ain't Broke, why fix it'.

There are many more reasons and you can find them HERE

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