Nationwide alert is issued for missing Lancaster oil truck

Have you seen me?

January 9, 2008

DENVER, Pa. (AP) — A nationwide alert is out for a fuel truck that was stolen from Leffler Oil Company in Lancaster County.

The 1992 truck has Leffler markings on the doors but not on the tank.

The truck was last seen parked at a fuel station on North Sixth Street in Denver, Pa.

The alert went out on Monday when a driver noticed the truck was missing. The truck was carrying about $3,500 worth of a low-sulfur fuel.

The truck is valued at $25,000.



Commet DC admin:

Notice how they try to SCARE you with the remark "low-sulfur fuel". Do you know why? Because this is the same type of Fuel used in the OKC bombing that was mixed with fertilizer[ammonium nitrate].

What is low-sulfur fuel?

In simple speak, it is #2 Diesel fuel or as some in areas where they use it to HEAT their homes call it, 'Heating Oil'.
The low-sulfur part is about Vehicles that use Diesel such as the Very Truck used to transport it and Many other Big rigs on the road today which emits less pollution. High-Sulfur #1 fuel is used in Farm equipment or Off road equipment and is DYED RED.


I can almost bet this FUEL was stolen because people that use it for Heating can not AFFORD it, and if the person responsible sells it for Half price he'll make a pretty penny and make the buyer nice and warm. If he doesn't get caught.

However, We can not RULE out a Truck Bomb. So have you seen this truck, or one like it? If so Contact your local Law Enforcement. Oh yeah, It will probably have NO NAME [Leffler Oil Company] on the DOOR's any more.

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