Micro$oft or MicroShaft

I reformatted my Laptop back in December to a Dual-Boot running WinXP-Pro and Linux-Kubuntu. I didn't update winXP until this morning. I have another box running Win-XP pro and Another Dual-Boot running the same as the Laptop,so I had plenty too play with. Anyway............After I downloaded the updates on the laptop I went to install them. I always Choose the custom install as I don't require all the BS Micro$oft wants to install, such as the Malicious Software Removal Tool. After My first experience with running it some time ago, when it would detect some of my NON-Microsoft programs and wanted me to let it 'FIX MY PROBLEM'.......Well you get the point.

So after removing the CHECK by the updates I didn't want and installing the updates, I also check Do not show these un-installed updates again. The prompt says It will Not Show them Again,so I reboot. After doing this 4 times and doing the same as stated above, I decide I would Capture what was going on. PAY Attention to the Video especially if you like many others don't really pay attention to the Prompt when Installing updates in the custom mode.

The catch when doing it the custom way is, when it is complete the Next Prompt should be to restart your computer so I pretty much just click the next or restart button Without Paying Attention. I know those of you out there know what I'm talking about. Anyway Long story short, Watch the Screen capture Below. It isn't the Best Quality.

If you want a FREE open-source Screen Capture Program, this is the one I used.


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