Review #1 of QTRAX: A P2P Legal file sharing program

By:Ed Quinn
7:57 AM 1/31/2008

As with any program, or most, the download and install went smooth. Unlike Morpheus or Limewire, you do not have to Open any extra ports on your computer. Maybe because The SONGBIRD Browser part of this is basically a FireFox browser. It Does Listen On Ports 1573, 1575, 1577. Although a browser, remember it is a file sharing program able to Serve others request.

So I run the program and look around. The first thing I did was click on a link on the home page. I thought I was going to listen to a song. It didn't happen. What did happen was it loaded all 15 songs in to the songbird player. After it did this, it didn't and wont play them. So I tried again with the same results.

I wanted to try it out so I thought, maybe I have to register just to listen. So I click on register and proceed to do so. Unlike other P2P apps this is not required and I don;t know why it is here, unless some time in the future they want too prosecute you for Downloading songs. Anyway, short of your actual street address everything else is required. Full Name, user ID you select, password, Date of Birth, ZIP Code, Country, Email address. I don't know why they need all this info.

After filling out the required info I hit the submit button and waited. And Waited and waited and waited and, well you get the point. A couple of times during this submission process it returned a blank page. After it doing this a couple of times, I filled out the form again and re-submitted. And waited and ,.... get it. I don't know if my information was accepted or not.

As I thought might happen with this being a Browser and a P2P program bundled, it sucks as of this post. The only thing that does seem to work at this time are the Banner adds. From looking at the home page of this browser there are only 37,835 users online at this time, with 9,695,469 tracks available.

So I shut it down and reboot hoping this will have some affect, but I doubt it. So I type in my user name and password and hit enter. What do I get back, INVALID ID or password. So I guess it didn't take the first three time so I will now try again. It must work because there are now 38,308 users online. Up 203 from last look.

Success!!!! The registration went through.

I go to my email to retrieve the activation code. I click the link to activate and , NOTHING HAPPENS. The page wants to load as before when trying to create an account but doesn't. So I decide to go to my email on another box,One that is running Linux. I open the mail and click the link and It goes through. I do not understand this. None the less, my account is NOW activated. So now we will go back on the other box and try and log in. Success....we are able to log in. Now we shall see what we are allowed too do after going through all this, and providing them with more Information than I care to share. It better be worth it.

Well at this point everything I click on pops up a window that tells me, "DOWNLOADS COMING SOON". From the Home page of this program I see that the Most downloaded songs are from LED ZEPPELIN and BARBARA STREISAND, Neither of which I have ever cared for. At my age, most people I grew up with were in to Zeppelin. But I will see if I can DL some ZEP just to see.

I am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER AT THIS POINT......Everything I try to DL say the same thing, "DOWNLOADS COMING SOON". Well I am going to play with it some more, but I don't think It will get any better.

I have used other P2P programs with MUCH better luck, and more users online than this. I also noticed that my clock has been reset. It has been moved 3 hrs back. I Don't know why this would happen unless it installed some spyware/malware or some other hack. We will find out shortly. They do tell you that it does not contain any on their website. How many times have you heard that before. This is why it is always best to run these type and any other programs you want to try, on a TEST BOX if you are lucky to have more than one.

Sad, but at this point the ONLY thing they are serving are Multiple Banner adds, trying to sell you something. I will continue and post an update sometime later. Until then remember, If it sounds to good to be true, It usually is! In this case, It doesn't sound at all. You cant even play the damn songs. All you can do is look at the pages. So I end this review with giving it 1 out of 10 stars. 1 because it looks good.

If you want too try your luck, heres the link: http://www.qtrax.com/

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