Still alive.....

And getting pissed off at the way things are going in the not so good USofA. My latest pissy attitude comes form the rise in prices of cigarettes. For my brand which is also a generic brand mind you, the price went up $9.00us a carton. Now it cost $35.00us.

Why am I pissed about this? Because they don't and wont raise the price of Alcohol, which I don't drink. See, my smoking only kills me, whereas people who drink alcohol and drive kill other people. Hell, people who drink sometimes kill other people without driving. Ive never heard of a smoker doing either.

So to get around the high price of me killing myself, I've taken to loose tobacco and rolling my own smokes. I buy a 12oz bag of tobacco, the tubes as they call them [which are basically a pre made cigarette without the tobacco in it, with filter] and a 1 time purchase of the little machine which injects the tobacco into the tube.

The 12oz bag of loose tobacco cost me $25.00us and makes two cartons or 400 cigarettes. The tubes cost $2.45 a box of 200. The rolling / injecting machine is a manual one and cost a one time price of right at $7.00us.

So this basically means I get 2 cartons of cigarettes for less than I used to buy 1 for.

Next year I am going to try and grow my own tobacco. I'll let you know how that goes. Well until next time I feel the need, Take it easy or anyway you can get it.



Its been awhile since my last post. In fact almost a year has gone by. I have been busy working like most, and maintaining another website like some. It is a delicate balancing act that has consumed my time. When I started 'Depleted Cranium' it was going to be a place to post interesting material that I intended to keep separate from the Political type I post on my other site. However, with time being a factor I chose to....well basically and to the point.....ignore this blog. I ignored it for so long that I even had to search my boxes for the user account and password.

I haven't forgotten about this site and will in the future at least offer one post per month. Its the least I can do. So until next month [maybe] thanks for stopping by.

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