Better Integrated Spy Chip ???

Method of reliably electroless-plating integrated circuit die


The present invention is a reliable method of electroless-plating integrated circuit die that achieves high yield. Die are attached to a holder using a polyimide adhesive to eliminate voltage differences on bond pads which would otherwise interfere with the plating. The die are aggressively cleaned using multiple cleaning solutions, one heated to a user-defined temperature. Each cleaning is followed by an aggressive rinse in de-ionized water. Die are immersed into multiple metal solutions at user-definable temperatures. Each immersion is followed by an aggressive rinse in de-ionized water, one with heated de-ionized water.

Inventors: Pal; Rathindra N. (Beltsville, MD), Berlin; Kingsley R. (Odenton, MD)
Assignee: The United States of America as represented by the National Security Agency (Washington, DC)
N/A (
Appl. No.: 11/253,879
Filed: October 19, 2005


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